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OPEN prize category for New Radio Formats at Prix Italia, Deadline March 30th


Radio aficionados!

Prix Italia, one of the most long-standing, extensive and renowned international competitions in broadcasting has introduced a prize category open to ANYBODY, thus for the first time in almost 70 years of Prix Italia allowing entries from community radios and from individual independent producers. And even better: there is no attendance fee. The total prize money is 7.000,- EURO.

The prize invites entries that experiment with new radio formats. What is meant by that is best grasped by the criteria the jury will apply, namely "originality, a stimulating ability to delight, surprise, engage and challenge the listener, an unconventional approach to audio/radio, excellence in storytelling and innovative sound design and innovative communicational settings".

The first deadline is approaching: an entry form and a synopsis has to be handed in by 30th March, but for the program itself and a full text/script in english (translation) + optional additional material there is time until 30th April.

The jury will be composed of people specializing in editing (Chloe Leprince (F), Alexandr Picha (CZ)), producing (Christophe Rault (B), Neil Sandell (F)) and research (Michael Mullane (UK), Golo Foellmer (D)).

Details here:

Please spread the news! Encourage people to participate so that the special touch, thematic breadth and socio-political implication of free/community media productions gets the appropriate attention in the international broadcast world.

Hope to hear you there!
Golo Foellmer