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BFR-Kongress / #ZWCM2020

 06.-08.11. / online
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Einladung zur Abschlussveranstaltung des Grassrootsradio Projektes


Good morning everyone,
you are all kindly invited to attend the final event of the Grassroots Radio Project, that in the last 3 years led to the creation of 4 small scale community radios in Ireland and Romania, the recognition of the community radio sector by the National Audiovisual Regulator in Romania, a series of academic publications on community engagement, the experimentation of new Text To Speech technologies adapted to radios and the experimentation of strong interaction between mobile telephony and traditional radio, to be also used as an auxiliary tool in disaster risk management. You will find in attachment the final program. Plenary sessions and round table discussions will take place the 17th and 18th of December. To connect to the platform, kindly follow the link below. https://freieradios.collocall.de/mic-1io-95i-zq4 Looking forward to meeting you

Warm regards
Michael Nicolai President AMARC
Europe Rue de la Linière 11
1060 Brussels
Belgiummobile: +49 179 5439818
office: + 32 (2) 609 44 40